• enroute Melbourne

    enroute Melbourne is a website that lets you see how public transport schedules in Melbourne work in a given suburb or stop. It is designed to complement the Public Transport Victoria website by providing statistics on things like the first and last services for a suburb, the frequency of services and the length of journeys to and from the city at each hour of the day.

    But why?

    I started writing enroute as a side project during my funemployment period. I wanted to explore writing an API-first web app, a single-page Javascript application as well as experiment with data visualisation.

    I chose the public transport timetable dataset because I've been passionate about public transport for a while, and the dataset has great potential for analysis. Also, as a dataset with both time and location properties, it is a gold mine for exploring data visualisation ideas, e.g. Ebb and Flow of Melbourne Trains by Flink Labs.

    What is it made of?

    enroute was written in Django on the backend (with the API bits using Django REST Framework), talking to a PostgreSQL database. AngularJS powers the frontend with d3.js drawing the data visualisations. Many other libraries provide various bits of functionality, including PostGIS, Twitter Bootstrap, beautifulsoup, requests, TypeScript and LESS.

    What's next?

    I have a few more data visualisations in mind that I want to create and a long list of little things to fix.

    In the future, the goal is to be able to rate and rank suburbs based on their access to and quality of public transport services. It would be nice to have the data on the routes taken so it could be plotted on the map too. Oh, and real-time data. I can dream.



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