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  • Civic 2006 Audio System Aux Input Installation

    What are you installing?

    The following info only applies to the 2006 FD (8th gen) Honda Civic. I believe the 2007 models, and the 2006 hybrid all come with the auxiliary input preinstalled.

    Ever wanted to play your massive collection of MP3s on your iPod, iRiver or some other sound source through your Civic's stock sound system, so you can drive down the street with the doof-doof on full blast, but realise you can't? Ok, so you can burn your MP3s or WMAs on to a CD, but try good luck trying to find a song. Alternatively, you could use an FM transmitter (i.e. an iTrip), but then you get interference issues, and when it works, it's only FM quality sound.

    Getting a direct line into the stereo is the best option, and there are three ways to do it - get a new stereo (good luck finding the panel to fit), pay Honda to install the aux input into the existing system (around 220 bucks AUD), or install it on your own (10 bucks or so for parts, and some spare time).

    Being curious about the stereo system anyway, and being cheap of course, I ripped my car apart and went to work. With the help of some very good forum posts on the net, I managed to work out how to take the dash apart, decode the wiring and install and activate the aux input.

    I took a heap of pics of the audio system socket and the parts of the dash I removed - the pics are in the guide below. If you need higher-res versions of those pics, let me know and I'll email them to you.


    The result?

    Picture of AUX input in use.


    So how can I do it?

    Before I tell you how, remember that this is not the easy path. The process will take time, and could possibly be quite frustrating and painful (having to take your tightly-attached baby apart for the first time Stick out tongue)

    I posted the link to the guide on the ozHonda forums, so follow the link here to go there and download the PDF-formatted guide.


    If you run into any issues, comments, improvements, whatnot - in the interests of keeping things easy to find, drop a note on that forum thread. I'll keep an eye on it.




The link for the guide doesn't work. Any other way to get it? I have a jack already but a headphone cable broke off in it and I need to replace it. The parts only like $37 but they want $100 for labor and I'd like to see if I can do it myself.



Posted by Adam Lynn, 24th June 2011 6:11 AM

@Adam - the link in the forum thread works for me. Here's the direct link - http://driveactivated.com/files/ftpupload/civic06auxguide/civic06auxguide.pdf

Let me know here if that link doesn't work either.

Posted by [edgylogic] sam, 25th June 2011 3:22 PM

Great work! Was just wondering how long the whole thing actually took you to do..

Posted by JG, 2nd March 2012 10:06 PM

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