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  • Get Windows to find your Apple Airport Extreme

    A friend recently called up, stuck on trying to get their brand-spanking new Apple Airport Extreme router working wirelessly with a Windows XP computer (he uses Macs, his wife uses Windows - imagine the arguments between them about that! Stick out tongue). The router connects fine to his Mac wirelessly, but for some reason the Windows XP computer could not see the Airport at all, yet can see all the neighbours' networks. Clearly it wasn't a range issue.

    After trying a few things, and googling, I found that it was because Apple Airport Extreme routers are, by default, set to wireless channel 13. I found this quite odd, given channel 13 is prohibited in the US (where only channels 1 to 11 can be used). It can be used elsewhere though (including Australia), but why not just ship it on channel 6 or 11 like all other router manufacturers so you don't have to change it for certain regions?

    Anyway, because the US only allows channels 1 to 11, it was likely that on the Windows computer, the region on the wireless card was also set to the US, hence the Airport transmitting on channel 13 could not be detected. It was set to the US probably because the person who installed the drivers couldn't be bothered changing it from the default and didn't know the consequences.

    So the solution? Rather than checking and changing the wireless region on all computers, just change the Airport's channel to 1, 6 or 11 (the numerical gap is designed to minimise interference). To do this, fire up the Airport utility on Mac or Windows, find Manual Settings, and under Wireless there should be an option to change the wireless channel. I don't know the exact steps as I helped him over the phone, but it shouldn't be too hard to find. See below for more detailed instructions.

    If your Mac was connected before this change, you may have to tell it to reconnect so it can recognise the change in wireless channel.

    Hopefully this helps someone before they start launching into a Windows sucks tirade Smile

    UPDATE (11/6/2007): There seems to be a lot of people stumbling on to this page looking for instructions on how to change the channel, so I did some research. I can't guarantee these instructions work because I don't have one, but here goes:

    1. Open up the Airport Utility, located in the,
      Mac OSX: Applications -> Utilities folder,
      Windows: Start -> All Programs -> AirPort folder.
    2. If you have more than one base station, select the base station you want to configure. Click rescan if you can't see it there.
    3. In the Base Station menu, select the Manual Setup option. Enter your Airport password if asked.
    4. Click the Airport toolbar button, then click on the Wireless tab.
    5. Change the channel to 1, 6 or 11 (the blue box below), and make sure the radio mode is n as well as b and g, given most laptops do not have n support yet (the red box below).
      Apple Airport Wireless Setup screen
      Screenshot from the Designing Airport Extreme 802.11n Networks manual.
    6. Click Update, watch Airport reset itself, and all should be well.

    Hope this makes it clearer.




Excellent advice on the Airport Extreme settings - had a nightmare trying to get my vista laptop to see it but after changing the channel to 11 it worked first time. Thank you very much. (nice site by the way) - Cheers

Posted by Fracky6, 21st July 2007 3:55 AM

Thanks for explaining the stuff above.  My Vista laptop can now find my Airport Extreme but even though it's coming through with a strong signal will only make a "limited" connection, for some reason.

Basically, it won't let me access the internet.  I thought (silly me, I'd scan for networks, find mine, enter the password, and that'd be that.  Ah, Windows.)

Do you know how I can get past this problem.

Your help would be greatly appreciated and no doubt linger in the cyber ether for other hapless Vista users (is that a rant coming on?)


Posted by Richard, 24th August 2007 11:55 PM

Hahaha...or maybe it's Apple being evil and doing stupid things to Windows :)

A 'limited' connection can be a few things, but generally means Vista can't get an IP address from your router.

Most probable cause are incorrect security settings, so make sure your wireless security settings are right.

Open up Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center. Click on 'manage wireless networks' on the left and find your wireless network in the list. Double click it, click on the security tab. Check that you're using the right security type, encryption type, and that the key is right.

The Airport utility screen above tells you the security type (below the blue box). If you selected WPA/WPA2 Personal, select WPA2 Personal in the security type dropdown. For encryption type, it should be AES if you're using WPA/WPA2 Personal (unless you fiddled with it).

Click ok, close the wireless window, return to the Network and Sharing Center window, then click 'diagnose and repair' on the left.

That should do it.

Posted by [edgylogic] Sam, 25th August 2007 4:29 PM

I was looking for some help about a drive I plugged in here in my airport extreme, but can't find it trough the network. None of the Vista, nor the XP equiped computers find it.

Anyway, just wanted to say it's a nice web design job you did here.

Posted by Me, 31st August 2007 2:19 AM

Hi Richard.

Just wondering if that solved your problem:

"it's coming through with a strong signal will only make a "limited" connection,"

I'm having exactly the same issue with my wife's new Windows Vista laptop.

I've tried all sorts of combinations but I just can't get it to work.

Any advice very welcome.



Posted by Sean, 11th October 2007 11:32 PM


Try disabling wireless security and see if that works. If it does, then you know it is your security settings. Turn security back on, and follow the steps in my comment to Richard above.

If turning off security doesn't work, then turn security back on, and try connecting the laptop to the Airport directly using a cable.

Posted by [edgylogic] Sam, 12th October 2007 9:25 PM

Thanks Sam.

I got it work by following your earlier advice. Well it was either that or an update patch that I did at the same time to the Toshiba. All is good in the PC versus Mac household.



PS Hope things are good in Melbourne. Hoping to get down there next year. I hear great things about it.

Posted by Sean Hynes, 12th October 2007 9:43 PM

I am having problems configuring my new HTC TyNt II or AT&T tilt or HTC Kaiser. Too many names for one phone!

I want to use my DSL internet connection on my mac and enable internet sharing and share it with my HTC which is wifi capable.

So basically, I want to:-

1) setup my mac to work like a wifi router

2) use this wifi router to give internet access to my wm6 phone which is wifi capable.

Any advice?

Posted by Mayank, 24th October 2007 2:21 PM

Wow, that's coincidental - I was just checking that phone out at my local 3 store because my mate's raving about it.

I'd love to be able to help you in detail, but I don't actually have a Mac (love to get one though :) ).

But from what I know, this should be possible, by going to System Preferences, then Sharing, then the Internet tab and checking the On box for Wireless in the list. The AirPort Options button may let you set up some security, which you should definitely do.

The HTC TyTN 2 supports WPA-AES, so you should be able to use WPA security on the wireless connection.

You may however, have to drop back to WEP security, because I've always found the WPA implementation on Windows Mobile a bit flaky, and not as stable. Try WPA first though, as it is more secure.

Hope this helps, good luck. It's probably worth getting a wireless router or an AirPort later anyway, so your Mac doesn't have to be on all the time for wireless.

Posted by [edgylogic] Sam, 24th October 2007 7:18 PM

I have an Airport Express and wanted to get my PSP and AT&T Tilt to connect to it.  I had to play around with it for awhile but I finally got connected.  I setup the base station to use WPA2 and selected Pre-Shared Key and as the password type, then I supplied a 64 character key/password and I set it to use channel 1.  I simply used Keychain to generate a random letter number password and increased it all the way to 31 characters and just added another character to the end.  Then ran a program on that password to convert it to hex.  I then had to problem getting my Tilt to connect to it because I copied a file over to it using Missing/Sync that contained the key and opened it on the phone a copied the key and pasted it onto the setup wizard. .  The PSP on the other had took more time as I had to use the keyboard to enter the 64 char hex key.

I hope this helps anyone trying to use their Airport Express with either the PSP or the Tilt.  I am sure this process would work with other WM6 phones that have WiFi

Posted by Tyson, 30th December 2007 12:38 AM

gold comments on the airport extreme channel settings, our new vista laptop was within seconds of becoming a frisbee, thankyou

Posted by wayne, 29th April 2008 12:01 AM

I have a couple of laptops and comp on either Vista or XP and am thinking of getting the Airport Extreme and connecting an external USB hard drive to share for the network.  Some questions:

Does the airport extreme really work well with Windows?

Can it recognise NTFS format? (FAT32 only goes up to 32GB partitions, right?)

Are there any external drives which will powerdown when not in use and can the AE manage this?  I obviously don't want to have to physically turn the drive on every time someone wants to use it, at the same time don't want the drive to be spinning 24/7.

Alternative is to go for NAS products but haven't really found anything that convincing in that arena...


Posted by Tor, 4th June 2008 6:20 PM


I haven't heard any more problems from my friend, so I assume it is working well. Once they can connect, it should generally work well. I don't think Apple will deliberately impede non-Apple devices from connecting to its router; after all, most households aren't complete Apple households.

FAT32 supports up to 8 terabytes or so. The 32GB 'limit' is an artificial limit imposed by XP/Vista because using FAT32 for disks larger than 32GB is inefficient compared to NTFS (once over 32GB, you get less 'space' when formatted using FAT32 compared to using NTFS).

However, XP/Vista (and most other operating systems) have NO ISSUE with reading and writing to FAT32 disks larger than 32GB. You just can't format them as FAT32 using XP/Vista (external HDs generally come preformatted anyway, and there are free utilities that can format them).

NTFS is apparently not supported on the Airport Extreme though.

As for powering down, I'm not sure but I doubt it. You probably have to go to a dedicated NAS product for that. It won't be spinning 24/7 though, but probably won't power down either. There are plenty of nice NAS products out there; depends on what you're looking for (Netgear, Linksys, Drobo, Synology, Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate).

Hope that helps :)

Posted by [edgylogic] Sam, 5th June 2008 4:51 PM

I recently purchased a new iMac and a new Airport extreme base station and the combination works well. My wife has a Vaio Tower desktop (Windows XP SP2) that connected to our old Lynksys Wireless Router with a Linksys USB adapter. While trying to connect that machine to the Airport, her PC does not find the Airport, but does see several weaker signals from neighbor networks. Any suggestions? Would a new USB adapter work? Or should I just slap Justin Long senseless ("Hi, I'm a Mac")?

Posted by Jake, 5th June 2008 8:55 PM


I assume you did follow the instructions in the blog post (don't emulate the settings in the screenshot - they're wrong; read the instructions).

I doubt its the USB adapter. Try plugging the Airport in right next to the computer and see if it picks it up (don't worry about the internet connection). You could try manually specifying the network too in XP.

Apart from that, and running a cable between the machine and the Airport, slapping Justin Long seems like a good idea. I hear his minders, the Apple Secret Police, are rather powerful, efficient and ruthless though. But never fear, just point at them and scream 'new iPhone!' and the Apple fanboys will emerge from the woodwork, smother them and ask questions later :)

Posted by [edgylogic] Sam, 6th June 2008 7:50 PM

The Apple Corps is messing with me also. Any help would be appreciated! I have a Inspiron E1505 running Vista and connecting wirelessly to an Airport Extreme.  Every time the machine goes into sleep mode or I close the cover, which is probably 30 times a day, it takes a few minutes to acquire an ip address from the Airport.  Until then it is "local only".   If I run ipconfig /renew, it will time out the first few times, but then get me a working ip address.   If I do not run ipconfig, it will usually get a working ip address in about 1-3 minutes.   None of this is a problem when I connect with a network cable.  Not a big deal - but frustration throughout the day.  Thanks!!

Posted by JPolk, 16th June 2008 11:13 PM


What kind of wireless security configuration have you got set up on the Airport? Maybe try dumbing it down a bit (e.g. use WEP instead of WPA) and see if that makes it any better (temporarily, just to work out the reason).

Any issue with your Mac when connecting using wireless?

Posted by [edgylogic] Sam, 17th June 2008 10:41 PM

Thanks Sam – Just tried it with no security – delay of about 15 seconds to require full link, not a problem.  Also tried it with WEP and WPA, the problem is consistent in both.   If I run IP config, I get an “autoconfiguration  IPv4” of  and have “local only” connectivity.   I then wait  a while and it will get assigned “IPv4 address” of 10.0.1.xxx  and an IPv6 address in what appears to be hex and I have full local and internet connectivity.  Close the lid for 20 seconds, reopen, and I get the “autoconfiguration  IPv4”  again and local only.

Neither my Mac nor a emachines laptop running XP have any difficulties with the wireless.

Thanks for the suggestions.  Does the above info lead you to anything? JP

Posted by JPolk, 18th June 2008 1:01 PM


Hmm... the only thing I can think of is maybe IPv6 is causing issues. Vista defaults to using IPv6 (whereas XP defaults to IPv4). To disable IPv6 (which isn't that useful at the moment, and definitely not within a home network anyway), go to Control Panel -> Network Connections. Right-click on the Wireless Network Connection, and select Properties. Untick the box Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6). Click OK.

It's odd that it only occurs when wireless security is up though. Is the Mac running Leopard - because that defaults to IPv6 too, so if that works, then Vista should too. Keyword - should :)

Posted by [edgylogic] Sam, 19th June 2008 2:10 PM

Ugh Thank god for this page of tips, questions and comments. I spent 5 days trying to connect my Vista based laptop to my Airport so I could use Vista/360 Media Center Experience.

My vista laptop would see the Airport and show the signal was very strong but every time I entered in the WPA Personal password it told me it was incorrect. My other laptop which is running on XP SP1 connects just fine.

All I had to do was take down the security down a few notches to WEP and change the channel to 11 and I'm now trying to figure out how to transfer all my music from my laptop to my 360 so I don't have to burn every single disc again.

Posted by Namanononomolous, 18th July 2008 9:17 AM

I had a similar situation. My roomate has a mac and an airport, me with two pcs (one laptop both running vista premium, 1 32bit other 64 bit).

My computers saw the network but were unable to connect. After trying to install the utility with no success, using his mac, I retrieved the hexidecimal conversion of the wireless network password. After inserting that when windows prompted me for the password, the computers connected right away and now work with a hitch.

I believe he went to the airport where you can configure the network and change the password etc...

Posted by Dave, 7th August 2008 3:40 AM

My fiancee and I have spent about 6 hours trying to figure out why his PC couldn't connect to our Airport Extreme Base.  My MAC was having no issue at all but his computer couldn't acquire a network address.  Upon reading your blog I switched the channel to 11 and he rebooted his computer and no issue connecting.  Thanks so much for the information posted!!!

Posted by Carolyn, 18th September 2008 11:23 AM

My fiancee and I have spent about 6 hours trying to figure out why his PC couldn't connect to our Airport Extreme Base.  My MAC was having no issue at all but his computer couldn't acquire a network address.  Upon reading your blog I switched the channel to 11 and he rebooted his computer and no issue connecting.  Thanks so much for the information posted!!!

Posted by Carolyn, 18th September 2008 11:23 AM

Hi! Firstly - great page - been pulling my hair for days now coz my Packard Bell (running Windows Vista) and MacBook Pro are giving me headaches over a new Airport Express.

I've tried what you've suggested on your page  - with WEP, WPA/WPA2 Personal++, changing the chanel to 1, 6 and 11 and more, but nothing seems to work. I'm starting to think that it may be a problem with my wireless network connections on my Packard Bell... coz my Mac connects to the internet via cable and the Airport Express without any problems, while the Pacard Bell laptop only connects via cable. Do you know what the settings should be after clicking the "Change advanced settings"-tab?

Both laptops were working fine until my previous airport express caught fire...lol.. but the new updates and layouts are confusing me.

Very sorry if I'm repeating old questions! Thanks for ANY help!

Posted by Marianne, 13th October 2008 12:50 PM


So after changing the channel, can your Packard Bell see the Airport Express network when it is scanning for networks?

Maybe try a different network name? Or compare settings that work on the Mac with your Packard Bell. Start easy, with just WEP on, then move to WPA2.

Oh, and 'caught fire'...?

Posted by [edgylogic] Sam, 18th October 2008 1:56 AM

Hi again,

I'm not able to set up the Airport Express with the CD that came with it on my Packard Bell (I sorted out the settings from my MAC instead), BUT the laptop does detect(see) the wireless internet connection. The signal from the router is excellent on both laptops, and according to the Apple Service senter I have set up the Airport Express correctly on the actual router and MacBook, the only thing they could not help me with was the Packard Bell settings.

I've been to several setting pages on the internet, but nothing seems to work.

I've gone through ALL the chanels AND tried all the different radiomods as well... I downloaded the Airport Radar (http://www.macwireless.com) and my signal is twice or three times as strong as the other people on the list. HOWEVER, when I went to the manual settings on my Airport Express and checked the wireless clients the noise value is -96 and signal -42 for my Macbook Pro, while the Packard Bell has a noise value of -95 and oly -1 in signal. Is there anything I can do to "share" the signal between the two laptops? This might sound silly but this is the ONLY thing I can think of now after reading page after page about my problem on the internet for the past week.

I've tried all possible security options as well, but it didn't change anything.  

Again - if you have ANY clue on what to do - I truely would appreciate any advice!



Posted by Marianne, 18th October 2008 11:41 AM

Hi again,

I'm not able to set up the Airport Express with the CD that came with it on my Packard Bell (I sorted out the settings from my MAC instead), BUT the laptop does detect(see) the wireless internet connection. The signal from the router is excellent on both laptops, and according to the Apple Service senter I have set up the Airport Express correctly on the actual router and MacBook, the only thing they could not help me with was the Packard Bell settings.

I've been to several setting pages on the internet, but nothing seems to work.

I've gone through ALL the chanels AND tried all the different radiomods as well... I downloaded the Airport Radar (http://www.macwireless.com) and my signal is twice or three times as strong as the other people on the list. HOWEVER, when I went to the manual settings on my Airport Express and checked the wireless clients the noise value is -96 and signal -42 for my Macbook Pro, while the Packard Bell has a noise value of -95 and oly -1 in signal. Is there anything I can do to "share" the signal between the two laptops? This might sound silly but this is the ONLY thing I can think of now after reading page after page about my problem on the internet for the past week.

I've tried all possible security options as well, but it didn't change anything.  

Again - if you have ANY clue on what to do - I truely would appreciate any advice!

And yea - don't ask me how - but started coming smoke from the previous Airport Express...



Posted by Marianne, 18th October 2008 11:44 AM


Sorry for the late reply - exams and all are keeping me busy.

Is there a chance that the Packard Bell's wireless card is faulty? Or maybe the antenna is loose? Does it connect to any other wireless networks?

Posted by [edgylogic] Sam, 28th October 2008 6:52 PM

THANKS!!!  Boy did that help...I simply changed "automatic" to "1" on my airport and now the PC is online!!!

Posted by DABBIN, 4th December 2009 10:16 AM

I cannot seem to map my Maxtor OneTouch to my Windows machines through my AEBS (One W7, Two Vista)  The Network is connecting wirelessly just fine, but I cannot 'find' the AEBS or the Drive in the network in order to map it.  I can ping the Router, but again, no amount of sharing reconfiguring is doing the trick.  Help!!! (and I don't care what apple says, there is no 'disk utility' on the installation disk.)

Posted by SparQee, 31st January 2010 6:49 AM


Thanks for the rescue mate! We (a Windows owner and me) were starting to go nuts about this Windows-not-finding-channel-13-thing! Now changed it to channel 1, and voilá, there was the Network showing up.

Thanks for helping out two people in Amsterdam!


Posted by Joep, from The Netherlands, 3rd June 2010 1:29 AM

You are my idol! I just googled 4 hours before I found this site: switched channel from automatic to 11 and finally my XP too understand what's going on!

Apple "support" doesn't mention even half word that automatic setting might cause problems...

Posted by Jouni, 3rd July 2010 6:06 AM

Thanks guys, your input helped me a lot!

I was looking for days how to get the Airport express working on our existing network with windows 7.
When I tried without security it finally worked (why didn't I think of that before ;) ). Then I tried to put security back on:

  • the network with WPA2-PSK (with AES encryption)
  • the airport express on WPA/WP2

Worked like a charm! Thanks a lot, I'm going to enjoy the music now. Finally!!!

Posted by Jan, 12th December 2010 11:53 PM

Jan's tip above helped me connect my wife's Windows 7 machine to our Airport Extreme wireless network. It could find the network, but couldn't join. Ironically, the reason I hadn't been doing WPA2 before (it was set to WEP) was because her earlier Windows laptops didn't support WPA2...

Posted by pjm, 5th January 2011 9:47 AM

Help, I'm drowning in hardware. Netgear, N600, Airport Express and Airport extreme and Apple Passport and don't see my particular issue discussed.

I am on a 3 month assignment from my home leasing an apt. I have a MAC Powerbook Pro, but need to run Windows and IE (I connect using VM Fusion)  for some programs and internet access for my client.  At my home I have the Passport (backup and router in one). In the apt I am hardwired, but want wireless flexability.  In front of me I have an unopened Airport Express and Netgear N600, but can't figure out what I need. Maybe I need Airport Extreme? I know very little about networks and I don't have any contacts in my new location to help - and I may be back and forth for a couple of years so I need this to work.

I will want to print (which could be hardwired if necessary) and have wireless internet (MAC and Windows XP) access for me and any visitors. Can anyone help me with what hardware I need and how to connect? And do I turn Airport off if I add a new wireless? 

(Also at home, Airport is connected and does automatic backup and is trying to do a backup here. How do I stop it from trying to do a backup?)

I appreciate any help.

Posted by Dorothy , 6th January 2011 2:43 AM


I have no idea what an Apple Passport is. Are you talking about a WD Passport external hard drive? If so, I doubt it has router functionality in-built.

The Netgear N600 is functionally equivalent to the Airport Extreme - having both would be mostly redundant (there are some odd features that one has that the other doesn't). Pick one. If one is already setup, use that. Otherwise I'd pick the Airport Extreme as it is a bit easier to setup. Follow the installation steps and manual.

Your Airport Express also has similar functionality, but I assume you want it for its ability to stream iTunes to different locations. If so, use the Airport Setup Utility to configure it to connect to your existing wireless network.

To print, you will need a networkable printer (wired or wireless); otherwise you will need to be physically connected to the printer to print and allow others to print.

What is this automatic backup you speak of? Is this part of Apple's Time Capsule? If so, just load the Time Machine and disable the backups.

Posted by [edgylogic] sam, 11th January 2011 4:56 PM

Help!  I looked over your posts, tried, and am still not connected.

The house has an Airport Express.  A Mac and a Dell laptop access internet okay.  My Vista laptop is connected to the network, but no internet access.  I tried turning off the firewall, my setting is WAP2 personal and Encryption AES.  What else can I do?  

Posted by Pauline, 14th July 2011 3:19 AM


Here's a few things to try -

On your Vista laptop, go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings on the left sidebar then right-click on the wireless network connection and select Status. Click on the Details button, and make sure:

  • DHCP is enabled
  • IPv4 Address does not start with 169.254
  • IPv4 Default Gateway, IPv4 DHCP Server, IPv4 DNS Server should all point to your Airport Express' IP address (this address should be displayed in the Airport Utility)

If any of the above conditions aren't right, click OK to close all the property windows, right-click on the Wireless Network Connection again and click Diagnose. That should help you get back to the automatically configured settings.

Lastly, fire up Internet Explorer, then click on Tools -> Internet Options. Click on the Connections tab, then click the LAN settings button at the bottom. Make sure none of the checkboxes are selected except the Automatically detect settings one. Check that this is the case on your Dell laptop as well, and if not, copy the settings from your Dell laptop to this one.

Posted by [edgylogic] sam, 17th July 2011 10:35 PM

Thanks a lot!!!! It did help me too!!! I am really appreciated!

Posted by Alex from Sweden, 6th December 2012 7:51 AM

This is all nice, but the new Mountain lion software is different.  Could you possibly list new instructions for the new software?

Posted by g, 1st January 2013 2:12 PM

Thank you! Thank you! I have read over a dozen forums all looking at the same issue and tried everything for days and days and 4 hours straight today alone. Your simple advice to change the wifi channel from Automatic to 1, 6 or 11 worked like magic. I'm glad I persisted and found this forum, or else I'd have had to move offices entirely to somewhere where they didn't use Apple Airports for the sake of my Windows PC. It was such a simple solution, and not because the Apple Airport wasnt capable of being compatable, but simply because Apple thought the default auto setting should be unconventional enough to hate on PCs. Apple is the devil! 

Posted by Susanna Chan, 14th February 2013 2:25 PM

Thank you so much for your advice -- it helped us out a lot. :)

Posted by Titus Elster, 23rd February 2013 9:56 AM

I run Windows 7, Sony VAIO Desktop, 2011, and could not for the life of me get the Brand NEW AirPort Extreme 802.11ac to connect to the Internet.  (Big tall one not the flat one.)  Great with the Wi-Fi...nothing with the Internet when attached to my Time Warner modem named Arris.  After calling about 8 times...finally got someone at Time Warner who said...your modem is old and is only good to be used with a router as it has no internal Internet hard wiring capabilities.  I connected the AirPort to the NetGear Router/Modem combo and chose it instead of the NetGear router to connect wirelessly....you get the combo free if you have Turbo Internet but it is unreliable and has NO range...and now AirPort works great..Internet AND Wi-Fi all over the place.  If you are having problems connecting to the Internet with just a modem attached to your AirPort...it might be old and/or cannot get Internet usage when used with the AirPort alone.  You NEED a router between the two or just go in and get an updated modem from your cable company..one that has internal Internet capabilities.  Yeah...I didn't know that either.  Thought all modems could access the Internet if hard wired.  Nope.

Also...changed the settings as stated above...from Auto to Channel 11 and it did wonders.  Thanks a bunch for that advice.

Posted by Sashin, 24th June 2013 9:20 AM

Thank you for this. Changing the channel from auto to 11 worked for me.

Posted by Kristi, 18th November 2013 12:26 PM

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Posted by how to set up google authorship, 9th August 2014 3:56 AM

Hello I have been trying to set up mine as well. I do not see the airport folder on my programs list. Is it something I have to download? 

Posted by jo, 25th November 2014 5:34 PM

Thanks for the instructions for finding the AIRPORT on WIN7. ~ Rick

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