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  • Apple USB ethernet adapter with the new Chumby software

    UPDATE (17/07/2009): Chumby has just released software 1.7.1, and have fixed the codes for the Apple USB Ethernet Adapter. The following should no longer be required for software 1.7.1. It now works 'out of the box'.

    Since Chumby unleashed their new software 1.7, I've gotten a few emails from people reporting that my previous hack for getting the Apple USB Ethernet Adapter working on their Chumbys no longer worked anymore. This is because Chumby changed a lot of low-level stuff (moved to EABI) in their new software. They also added in-built wired ethernet support, however the module that the Apple adapter requires doesn't have the right codes, hence it still doesn't work 'out of the box'.

    Anyway, I've recompiled the module, and things generally work again. Here are the same instructions as before, with some modifications.

    NOTE: Only follow these instructions once you have upgraded your Chumby to software 1.7 - it has been deployed as an automatic update, but still requires you to allow it to do so. You can check your current software version by tapping Settings -> Chumby Info and looking at the 'SW' value.

    1. Insert your Chumby's USB drive into your computer.
    2. Download the newly patched module and the loading 'debugchumby' script here (Patched driver for Apple USB-to-Ethernet Adapter for Chumby FW 1.7), and place both files at the root of a USB drive (overwriting any existing asix.ko file, but keep reading about the debugchumby file). Because your Chumby has no usable in-built memory, you will need a USB drive attached to Chumby (in theory, you could remove it after it has started up, but I just leave mine in) for this trick to work.

      If you used the previous hack for the Apple adapter, you will need to remove the lines for the previous hack in your debugchumby file (including the ifconfig, DHCP and fbwrite lines), and use the lines in the included debugchumby file instead.

      If you have already done some hacks with Chumby using the debugchumby file (if you don't know what that is, you probably haven't), you will need to manually merge the debugchumby files. Be careful when extracting the files above so you don't overwrite your existing debugchumby file. Also, if you're on Windows, remember that you need a program that keeps Unix-style line endings to edit debugchumby, otherwise it won't work. Try Notepad++.
    3. Remove the USB drive from your computer, and while Chumby is off, plug it into the USB A port. Plug the Apple USB-to-Ethernet adapter into the USB B port and connect the ethernet cable to it. The port in which each device is plugged into is important, as the script relies on the USB drive being at /mnt/usb, and hopefully plugging it into USB A will ensure that.
    4. Turn your Chumby on.
    5. Once it has finished the booting process, you'll see the following familiar screen for network selection. For the first time, select "create a new connection" and click OK.

    6. If everything has gone right, after it has finished 'scanning for network adapters', you should see the following screen. Select 'Wired'.

    7. Then go through the usual network configuration steps. When it knows all the details, it will try connecting, and will hopefully succeed. No more flaky wireless connection!

    The next time you need to go through network configuration, all you need to do is select 'use an existing connection' on the 'new or existing connection?' screen, then select Ethernet and follow the usual steps.

    Note that I'm using the 'beta control panel' here (you can enable this at chumby.com), not sure if that makes a difference. This setup works on my Chumby; I'd appreciate it if you would post a comment if it either works or doesn't with yours.



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